Yucatán, México

In 2006, our project has entered its third season!

Click here (2004), here (2005) or here (2006) to see how things have developed and have a look at the wildlife of Yucatán.

If you have been following its progress, there were two big changes in 2005:

1. A Comité de Vigilancia was established to authorize volunteer wildlife guards to help protect jaguars in the study area. It is supported by local and national authorities in México as well as project partner Pronatura.

2. Two major hurricanes struck the state of Yucatán last year. Followed by an extremely dry Spring, 2006, forest fires burning the downed vegetation threaten people, property and wildlife throughout the region. Much of last year's corn harvest was destroyed by the storms, so the project aides landowners with income for re-clearing the trails and roads in the project study area.