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The Jaguar Species Survival Plan© is a program of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. It consists of thirty-nine zoos that are dedicated to long-term management and conservation of the jaguar. Although the jaguar is listed as an endangered species, it is not likely to become extinct in the immediate future. The SSP’s primary mission is education. It is not our goal to breed animals for release back into the wild. Instead, SSP participants work toward

maintaining a genetically healthy population of jaguars in zoos so their visitors can become aware of the largest cat in the Americas. SSP participants focus on educating their visitors about ecosystem conservation, presenting the jaguar as the apex, or top, predator in a complex web of interaction among plant and animal species – including humans. If jaguars thrive in the wild, chances are very good that most of the other species in the system are thriving. Where jaguars have disappeared from their former range, chances are likewise good that other species there are in trouble, too.

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Interesting Facts

  • Did you know that jaguars used to live in every American country except Canada?
  • Did you know that jaguars played– and continue to play– a central role in many traditional cultures of the Americas?
  • Did you know that jaguars live in deserts, marshes and mountains, as well as the rainforest?

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