Chiquibul National Park, Belize

Chiquibul Forest Reserve and National Park is located in western Belize across the Maya Mountain Divide from Cockscomb Basin, near the Guatemalan border. It is covered with broadleaf moist tropical forest bordering on true rainforest.
Marcella Kelly is monitoring jaguars and investigating the ecology of predator co-existence using camera traps with financial support from the Philadelphia Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society and Virginia Tech.

This area, along with areas of northern Guatemala and southern Mexico make up La Selva Maya, the largest intact tropical rainforest in Central America.
The Macal River separates that forest from a very different adjacent reserve: the Mountain Ridge Forest Reserve north of the river. This pine forest occurs naturally, but grows on granite outcroppings that push through the underlying limestone. The tropical pine forest was largely decimated by the southern pine beetle between 1999 and 2003 but is rapidly recovering from the bark beetle infestation.
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